Builder for construct VR

VR Builder is a software designed for visualization of buildings in virtual reality. Made in Unity for HTC Vive.

Why it was created: for quick construction of buildings, stores, shopping malls in virtual reality to feel for the full extend space, distances, design, decoration, equipment, etc.


  • walls construction of the premises using existing Autocad drawing. Autocad file is imported into software and the walls are ready;
  • placement of trade equipment and light. There is integrated a big database of Ukrainian and foreign producers;
  • creating textures and colors of floor and walls. There is integrated a big database of Ukrainian and foreign producers;
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  • to create and modify store is possible on PC and in VR;
  • automatic simulation of customers crowd behavior for evaluation of store throughput, possible bottlenecks, distances between equipment, cash desks quantity, correctness of commodity groups allocation, etc;
  • check of the store / shopping mall for convenience of the people with special needs: existence of handrails, lifts, elevators, ramps, signs for walking paths, etc. All necessary needs for such customers are integrated in the software with the support of Ukrainian national assembly of invalids;
  • evaluation of evacuation paths of the customers in case of force majeure situations: explosion, fire, earthquake, etc;
  • evaluation of store efficiency with the current layout and equipment placement: each store process requires certain amount of time (goods reception, placement on the shelves, navigation in the store) and depending on premise layout and equipment placement, to do this tasks with require different amount of time. Taking into consideration these parameters, it is possible to significantly improve efficiency of the store even before construction + save on equipment and personnel;
  • multi player regime allows to align store layout in real time with several colleagues irrespectively from distance: together in one room, another office or another country;

Additional possibilities:

  • VR Builder can be customized for a specific customer;
  • VR Builder can be upgraded into virtual training center, where beginners can learn how to work in an assembly line, production site, construction of equipment and machinery to the smallest details without risk for themselves + saving money on trips and accommodation;
  • possibility to connect Google Glasses or 360 camera for possibility to remotely connect of support team to help solve specific problem;

Version list

Construction of walls

Demonstration of the possibility to build the walls on their own.

  • 2018-04-24

Creating and calculating tiles

Demonstration of applying tiles to a wall or floor. It is possible to select the size of the tiles and obtain data on the number of tiles and its volume

  • 2018-04-24

Example of a bot operation

Buyers boots perform a simple algorithm of action. 1) Go to the store 2) Go to the shelf with the goods 3) Become a queue at the box office 4) Leave the store

  • 2018-04-24