Coloring in an augmented reality

AR coloring book

We made a free coloring book in augmented reality. To use it, you need:

  1. Install the application on your phone
  2. Download drawing with a black and white picture from the gallery, which under this text
  3. Print a picture on the printer
  4. Display it using pencils, felt-tip pens or paints.
  5. Colorize only the picture itself (as in the video), the ornament does not need to be painted. It is the qr code for our application.
  6. Set the phone.

In our application there are additional functions:

  1. Print Screen
  2. Updating the picture (used in cases of changing the color of the picture or changing the picture)
  3. Animation of the picture (not on all pictures )
  4. Game (not on all pictures)

Our colorings

coloring preview

Rabbit George

Charming Rabbit George

coloring preview

Dancing Lily

Lily dances Macarena

coloring preview


Little fairy

coloring preview

Eternal Guardian

Eternal Guardian with animation

coloring preview

Little Dragon

Dragon hunt for sweets and grows (Game)

coloring preview

Young Dragon

A young dragon already ready to conquer the world

coloring preview

Ancient dragon

An ancient dragon who lived hundreds of years

coloring preview

Space conqueror

Space conqueror to prepare for departure to new adventures